Decanting or actually called caraffing leads to more air in the wine. We actually recommend all still wines for careers. About 30-90 minutes are good for almost every wine. This of course applies to red wine, but especially to orange wine and white wine, it really brings some wine to life. Especially with natural wines, [...]

Biodynamic wine

“RESPECT FOR NATURE” Biodynamic agriculture is a special form of organic farming. It was developed in 1920 by the Austrian anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. The basis are traditional methods in which animal husbandry and mixed culture form the central aspect of management. Even more than in organic farming, the focus is on prevention rather than treatment [...]

Organic wine

Most of the principles of organic or organic farming have existed since time immemorial. However, ecological awareness only developed with the so-called life reform movement in the 1920s. Organic viticulture aims to avoid the use of artificial, synthetic chemicals in the vineyard. The use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers in organic farming [...]

Orange wine

We love orange wine, the 4th wine color. Simply put, Orange Wine is white wine or natural wine fermented on the skins (mash). Orange wine, also called amber, is made with white wine grapes with long contact with the skin. This gives the wines a unique blend of the freshness of the white wine and the “grip” from the tannins that arise when the skin comes into contact with the skin (maceration) [...]

Meditation wine

Meditation wines are normally not consumed as a meal accompaniment, but rather with the necessary leisure time “to be enjoyed alone”. The well-known Italian wine author Luigi Veronelli (1926-2004) describes them as “particularly complex, unusual wines that are suitable to be enjoyed sip by sip by the fireplace on a long winter evening and with every sip a bit of surprise, pleasant Warmth and happiness to [...]

Natural wine

Natural wine: nothing in, nothing out. "Fermented grape juice: grapes, grapes and more grapes, and the result is wine". For us, natural wine means, as the name suggests, as natural as possible. In other words, to let the wine go its own way, from viticulture to the finished wine in the bottle. This is how the [...]

Sulfite / sulfur / SO2

Sulphite is a chemical additive that helps stabilize wine. Why does natural wine still have sulfites without adding sulfur (SO2)? Both grapes and vines naturally contain small amounts of sulphites. It's a bit absurd, but almost every wine must have the addition “contains sulfites” on the bottle. Self […]


Our Wyldness Level should help you to find the perfect wine for you. Since not everyone is ready for the funky wines, the scale should help you. For this we have divided the wines into 5 categories. Not Wyld - classic wine. Minimally Wyld - but hardly noticeable. Medium Wyld - a [...]