Biodynamic wine


Biodynamic agriculture is a special form of organic viticulture, so to speak "next level" organic. It was developed in 1920 by the Austrian anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner. 

Biodynamic viticulture sees the vineyard and its surroundings as a holistic system in which people, animals, plants and soil cultures interact.

Livestock farming and mixed culture form the central aspect of management. Even more than organic farming, the focus is on prevention rather than treatment. Viticulture is seen as an organism in harmony with nature.

The biodynamic approach is becoming increasingly popular in the wine industry. Rightly so! :) Did you know that depending on the country, it takes 7-9 years of conversion to switch from conventional viticulture to biodynamic viticulture?

A bit more nerd talk: To stimulate microbial life, natural plant-based preparations, such as herbs such as yarrow, chamomile, nettle, etc. are used. Quartz, copper and sulfur are also used as fertilizers. The holistic approach recognizes that factors such as light, gravity or gravitation have a significant impact on life on our earth.

Biodynamics continue in the cellar, where the extra effort in the vineyard pays off. The winemaker accompanies and controls the development of the wine Biodynamic wine. Physical or chemical intervention and influencing the fermentation with pure culture yeasts are not permitted. The healthier the vines, the better the harvested grapes and the less work in the cellar is required. This results in quality wines with a deep, complex taste that is shaped by the terroir. We love genuine and non-laboratory-bred wines.

The hard work pays off in the taste: diverse, lively, natural, extraordinary and close to nature - BÄM - Enjoy!" We are celebrating Biodynamic wines and look forward to the variety of flavors that lie ahead of us!

Biodynamic wines are subject to even stricter requirements than organic or ecological wines and are certified by independent, private organizations such as DEMETER, RESPECT BIODYN or ECOVIN controlled and certified. 

For us, the focus is on the work of the Winemaker in the foreground and not the certification. That is why we also have micro wineries that do not have a seal but still work according to biodynamic principles. 

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