Cantina Martinelli / Francesco Martinelli

Cantina Martinelli  

Cantina Martinelli is the project of Francesco Martinelli, a natural wine producer from Verona and Soave. An incredibly likeable person and you can tell that in his wines. Just to enjoy.

Francesco's vision of natural wine fully aligns with ours: to produce natural wines with minimal intervention, yet clean, flawless and a perfect reflection of the terroir. And who make it possible to experience the character of the winemaker behind the wine while drinking it. 

His wines come mainly from a Garganega Cru in Caucciolo, between Fittà and Castelcerino, the northernmost and highest area of the Soave Classico on volcanic mineral soil.

In a region that is characterized by wine cooperatives (maximum yield, maximum sugar content), Cantina Martinelli is clearly swimming against the tide. He is fortunate to work with a special terroir, characterized by soil type, orientation and virginity. He protects his wild and free vineyard with love and passion.

The vineyards are located on a volcanic Baltic soil and face east, at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level. The age of the vines varies between 40 and 60 years and they were planted by his grandfather between 1967 and 1982. They have never been artificially irrigated and since 2015 they have been farmed strictly with organic and biodynamic farming methods. This means no pesticides or synthetic fertilizer products are used and yields are significantly reduced to improve grape concentration.

The grapes are harvested by hand and fermented spontaneously with natural yeasts, without clarification or filtration and bottled with the lowest possible addition of sulphur. The aim is to produce a fresh and drinkable natural wine with a pleasant acidity, but which also has the full Garganega fruit flavor and shows a strong minerality in the mouth - expressing the strength of a hilly, mineral and ancient Garganega.

Francesco succeeds excellently and these are incredibly exciting and drinking wines! One bottle is never enough.

Cantina Martinelli – Francesco's wine

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