Domaine Achillée

Without question, Alsace is one of the great classics among European wine origins. Top locations, a variety of different grape (such as Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Grauburgunder or the famous Gewürztraminer, but also Pinot Noir) and an enormous range of styles, from bone dry to extremely sweet and from classically clean to naturally cloudy or mash-fermented as orange, make the region exciting. With die-hard wine freaks and sommeliers, Alsace has often had a rather difficult position in recent years: Criticisms were the traditionally high level of maturity, full alcohol levels, little freshness, sweet melting and associated catchphrases such as baroque, opulent or cumbersome-lame. If you taste your way through the area without blinkers, it quickly becomes clear that this cliché is by no means true. There is currently a lively dynamic in Alsace - thanks to young winemakers who are refreshing the family business, established sizes, those who like to experiment and experienced natural wine artisans.  

One of the wineries where the younger generation is causing a stir is Achillée in the Riesling Bastion Scherwiller. The two sons Jean and Pierre Dietrich took over the winery from their father Yves in 2016, and they have been working biodynamically since 2003. With a lot of sensitivity, the guys now move a few steps further in the direction of natural wine, but always on the clean and not on the rough, wild side. 

Photos: Weingut Seckinger