Aldinger winery

Since Gert Aldinger took over the business in 1992 and switched to rigorous yield reduction and the cultivation of international grape varieties, that is Aldinger winery in charge of the Würtenberg region. Today the Fellbach wines count as style-forming classics and are the model for many of the local winemakers. With his son Matthias Aldinger, a new generation of winemakers has just arrived. Aldinger would not be a top company if they were still working according to established patterns. Matthias is a talented winemaker whose virtues combine a willingness to experiment with foresight.

The necessary substance and experience is plentiful in the winery. And so, in addition to the classics, there are now some highly exciting and very mature wines in the portfolio. The two Aldingers, the brothers Matthias and Hansjörg, benefit from the experience of their father and their grandfather, who has unfortunately passed away. As exaggerated and trodden as the saying may be, here tradition is actually combined with modernity.

»Matthias Aldinger takes an old-fashioned and simple grape variety and reinterprets it. (...) «

The Trollinger "Sine" is one of those representatives for a completely new approach in Württemberg. Matthias Aldinger takes a stale and simple grape variety and interprets it as Natural wine new by first greatly reducing the yield and then expanding it according to the French model. A bare-bones, highly puristic Trollinger who is reminiscent of a first-class Beaujolais, which is never a rural wine, but always remains true to the grape variety: a light drinking wine full of excitement that you won't forget in a hurry.

The Lemberger also tie in with a fresh style that is not overloaded with wood. This works particularly well with the First location from the Hanweiler Berg come into its own.

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