Grape Club - wine subscription: Your advantages at a glance


Number of bottles per package

Without a fixed term

Discount on the webshop

Free shipping

New wines every 6 weeks

Shipping to

GrapeClub 6

Chatbots: 4-6

24/7 support: ✔️

Teams: 5%

Storage: ✔️

Storage: ✔️

Storage: Only Germany


Grapeclub 6 d
GrapeClub 6 EU

Chatbots: 4-6

24/7 support: ✔️

Teams: 5%

Storage: ✔️

Storage: ✔️

Storage: Europe (except Germany)


Gapeclub europe
Grapeclub 12

Chatbots: 9-12

24/7 support: ✔️

Teams: 7%

Storage: ✔️

Storage: ✔️

Storage: Whole europe


Grapeclub 12
Grapeclub Pro

Chatbots: 15-18

24/7 support: ✔️

Teams: 10%

Storage: ✔️

Storage: ✔️

Storage: Whole europe


Grapeclub pro

Pick your GrapeClub box

Here you can choose the subscription box that's right for you.

89,00 VAT included

incl. 19% VAT

Incl. Shipping

99,00 VAT included

incl. 19% VAT

Incl. Shipping

179,00 VAT included

incl. 19% VAT

269,00 VAT included

incl. 19% VAT


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum term?

No! You can decide to cancel your GrapeClub membership at any time! However, if you have already received a request for payment from our payment partner Stripe, you cancel the following month.

When will the GrapeClub package be sent?

We always ship on the first Monday of the month and then on the 3rd Monday of the following month.

Here are the dates for 2021:

I prefer to drink white wine / red wine can I adjust the subscription accordingly?

We currently only offer mixed packages. But I promise you will taste the wines, but if you don't like them at all, just write us.

Why don't I always get the same number of wines sent to me?

We would like to keep the option open to put a magnum bottle or a higher-priced wine in the GrapeClub subscription box. In the vast majority of cases, however, you will get 6, 12 or 18 bottles.

How is the subscription billed?

The subscription is processed through our payment partner PayPal. So you can easily manage your subscription in your Paypal account. PayPal will automatically collect the amount from your account every 6 weeks.

Will the GrapeClub discount in the webshop be automatically applied to my purchase?

No. You will receive a discount code from us that is linked to your saved email address, which you simply enter when you check out.

I would like to change the size of my subscription

Sure, gladly! Just write us an email.

I've moved, where can I change my address?

Simply change your address in your Paypal account under Subscriptions and let us know by email.

I'm on vacation or not at home. Can I change the shipping address?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the address, as PayPal requires us to send to the address on file. But just let us know and we will send your package to you or 2 weeks later, that's no problem.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Just write us an email or manage your subscription in your PayPal account.


An important part of our philosophy is the sustainable work of the winemakers. Real small wineries who handcraft the best wine for you

Beautiul bottles - beautiful wine

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