Agnès & René Mosse

Domaine Mosse
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The wines are fine and original at the same time and the price is right. Mosse and GrapeTimes - two that belong together.

Long before they settled in Anjou, they ran a wine bar and bistro in Tours. So they met an illustrious group of passionate winemakers like François Chidaine and Jo Pithon, who had dedicated themselves entirely to natural winemaking. Agnes and René quickly decided to grow and press wine themselves.

At the Lycée d'Ambroise they began training in viticulture and oenology, later René gained practical experience in Burgundy, where they met Jacquou Thevenot, François Mikulski, Dominique Derain and Frédéric Cossard.
When Jo Pithon told them in 1999 about a winery in Saint-Lambert-du-Latay that was for sale, they didn't have to think twice. Voila! Since then, they have been growing Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and a smaller proportion of Gamay, Grolleau Noir, Grolleau Gris and Chardonnay on a total of almost 16 hectares in the Maine-et-Loire department.

The flat bottoms of the Domaine Mosse consist mainly of slate and sandstone, which are partly covered with clay. The bedrock for the red grape varieties is dominated by volcanic rocks, slate and sandstone. In order to get the best quality out of their vineyards, they work organically with the additional help of a few biodynamic preparations. The grapes are hand picked. Only fully ripe and healthy grapes are then gently pressed for a long time. The must is immediately poured into small wooden barrels, in which it ferments spontaneously. The wines have time to mature before the new harvest before they are bottled with a minimal dose of sulfur.