Domaine Matassa - Tom Lubbe

Matassa - that was the name of the first vineyard that the native South African Tom Lubbe together with his wife Nathalie and the New Zealand oenologist Sam Harrop in 2002 Languedoc bought. Matassa is an old Catalan word that describes the thicket of a natural forest. This meaning is also reflected in the logo, which shows a stylized form of the Japanese character for forest.

Surrounded by dense forest, Domaine Matassa is located at the foot of the Pyrenees and the name is as fitting then as it is today. The winery now has 14 hectares of vineyards, most of which are surrounded by Mediterranean bushes, cedars, fig trees and rosemary. Biodynamic cultivation from its most beautiful side. Since the terrain is difficult to access in parts, horses help with the cultivation of the soil. The wines, which are elaborately handcrafted in small quantities, are mineral, rich in finesse and elegant. Less is often more!

Although the Domaine Matassa was only founded shortly after the turn of the millennium, it already has cult status among connoisseurs. Tom Lubbe, who comes from South Africa, was previously the cellar master at the renowned Gauby company in the small town of Calce. He saw the potential of the area and bought some spectacular parcels. However, his current way of working is more modern, almost avant-garde. He has now become a role model for many young people Natural wine. Become winemakers who, like him, are looking for wines of a cooler style, paired with a high level of tension on the palate. The result proves him right. The wines have enormous storage potential. And a lot of drinking fun!


Appellation: Roussillon
Vineyard area: 14 ha
Annual production: 25,000 bottles
Ground: Slate soils, marl
Grape varieties: Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Muscat d'Alexandrie, -Petit Grains, Macabeu
Average yield: 18 hl / ha
Rebalter: 30-115 years
Certification: Ecocert

Photos: Matassa


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