Joan Ramón Escoda-Sanahuja

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Joan Ramón Escoda-Sanahuja, or as we call him: “the wild Spaniard” is one of the pioneers of biodynamic viticulture as a member of the Grupo de Trabajo biodynamico del Mediterráneo. He works consistently according to Steiner's methods and in harmony with nature in northeastern Spain, in the hinterland of Tarragona. 

In Conca de Barberà, very close to Montblanc, Ramón and his wife Carmen grow their Vinos Naturales on 10 hectares of land next to olive, almond trees and various types of vegetables.

In the rugged mountainous country, the vines have to take root very deeply in order to get any water and nutrients. This ensures a high extract and concentrated berry fruit.

“After working as an oenologist in a large cellar in Catalunya and traveling in France, I joined the biodynamic and natural wine movement. In 1999 I began a project in my wife's village, Conca de Barberà, located near Montblanc and in 2005 I began to produce wines without sulfites, a method I continue to this day. "

Joan has dug his cellar deep into the earth, the wines have ideal storage conditions on three levels in the coolness of the earth. There he works with concrete and wooden barrels, stainless steel tanks and, since 2013, with clay amphorae.

He loves to play with the different grape varieties and to work out the greatest possible complexity and freshness depending on the vintage. The wines always ferment spontaneously, he completely banned sulfur from his cellar in 2007. A winery that breaks new ground; consistent and incomparable in Spain.

With each new vintage, the wines have increased in expression and precision without becoming tamer. Today they are among the most sought-after natural wines in Spain. Joan is a seeker who wants to reflect the aromas of the unspoilt region in his wines. We, too, keep discovering surprising aromas for the individual grape varieties.

“My friend Laureano Serres and I founded PVN, the first association of natural wines in Spain. Each year we organize H20, a wine fair which only accepts wines without sulfites. "

Photos: Joan Ramón Escoda-Sanahuja.