Les Dolomies

Domaine Les Dolomies, Jura: Céline and her husband Steve Gormally grow their wines in Passenans, a French commune with almost 300 inhabitants in the Jura department. The vines of Domaine Les Dolomies grow mainly on limestone soils and colorful marl - ideal conditions for their Savagnin and Chardonnay.

“The earth does not belong to us; It is loaned to us by our children. " It is therefore important to accompany the earth in a respectful way so as not to leave traces of our passage. "

In 2008 her personal wine-growing adventure began with the acquisition of one and a half hectares of Chardonnay vines for “Les Combes” in Passenan. Gradually, more vineyards were added around the village of Frontenay, now they cultivate a total of four hectares.

What these few hectares produce year after year is a poem! Unfortunately, the yields are always low, so they often sell out very quickly.

Celine Gormally from the Domaine les Dolomies radiates a calm, clarity and directness that reflects the landscape in the Jura. There is nothing fake here. Your hands are rough from the work in the vineyard, your face is marked by the storm, the wines have a unique radiance!