Jean-Etienne Pignier

The Domaine Pignier is located in one of our favorite areas: the Jura in France. Some of the most exciting natural wine producers have settled there over the past few years. Domaine Pignier was originally founded by Carthusian monks in the 13th century. At the end of the 18th century, the Pignier family took over the winery and its impressive Gothic cellars.

The siblings Jean Etienne, Antoine and Marie Florence Pignier have held the reins since the 1980s. Little by little they set up biodynamic Cultivation around. They have been Demeter certified since 2003. Even rainwater is collected for the production of the herbal broths (for plant protection).

Montaigu lies between two valleys: the Val de Sorne and Val de Vallière. The soils are dominated by clay marl, slate and limestone. Hot summers, sunny autumns and frosty winters, together with an ideal microclimate, ensure healthy grapes that do not require any additives in the cellar. Neither sugar nor artificial yeasts are added and sulfur is increasingly dispensed with in the filling process.   

“What did we dig until we could add the wines and our favorite Crémant from Domaine Pignier to our range.” (Holger Schwarz)

The Crémant (100 % Chardonnay) can hold a candle to many champagnes. Our special discovery and (still) one Insider tip!