Peter Jakob Kühn

The estate has been in the family for around 230 years. In the past three decades in particular, the appreciation of this ancient tradition has increasingly determined what they do. With respect for the knowledge and experience of his forefathers, Peter Jakob Kühn has been working as a certified Demeter member since 2004 according to the principles of biodynamics. In this way, in the greatest possible harmony with nature, he comes closer and closer to his idea of inspired wines. The great conviction for his future is ecological and biodynamic viticulture - with many challenges, big and small, but also endless moments of happiness and the increasing certainty that he is doing the only right thing for him.

Appellation: Rheingau
Vineyard area: 18 ha
Annual production: 95,000 bottles
Ground: Loam, clay loam, gray and red quartzite
Grape varieties: Riesling, Pinot Noir
Average yield: 50 hl / ha
Rebalter: -
Certification: Demeter and Lacon

Photos: Peter Jakob Kühn