Suertes del Marques

Francisco Javier García Núñez, the head behind the Bodega Suertes del Marqués, is definitely an unconventional winemaker and guy, just like his wacky vineyards. Super old varieties and everything “dry farming” on the volcanic soil of Tenerife. Make your own picture and take a look at the photos below :)

Wine from Tenerife? And what a! Super self-sufficient.

Founded in 2006, the primary goal from the beginning was to produce wines of the highest quality and to process only autochthonous grape varieties.

The bodega has 9 hectares, which are spread over 21 different plots, depending on the nature of the soil, orientation, temperature and altitude. The main components of the grape varieties are Listan Negro and Listan Blanco, which are trained according to the unique system of multiple cordons. All work is carried out as gently as possible. The wines ferment in cement tanks and the aging takes place in the Fuder or in large barriques made of French oak. Only wild yeast from the vineyard is used in the fermentation. In the Bodega Suertes del Marqués we work according to ecological standards and orientate ourselves on the teachings of biodynamic viticulture.

Attention nerdy: The Denominación de Origen is located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the northwestern part of the island of Tenerife. The DO received the designation of origin on November 15, 1995. The DO includes vineyards in the municipalities of La Orotava, Los Realejos and Puerto de la Cruz. It is named after the Orotava valley. The two indigenous Listán grape varieties are mainly grown in the Valle de La Orotava wine-growing region Listán negro and Listán blanco cultivated. The two varieties occupy almost 90 % of the vineyard area. The 400 hectare wine-growing area is at an altitude of between 275 and 700 meters above sea level. Sea level. The soils are predominantly volcanic. In the lower areas there are sandy soils, in the high areas soils with limestone predominate.

Photos: Suertes del Marques


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