Gassner winery

To expose what has always been there - to make the invisible visible - is the drive of Marianne and Robert Gassner. 

"Back to the roots"

is the motto of Robert Gassner in several ways:

Robert and his family decided a few years ago to continue what had been a family tradition for centuries.

They have committed themselves to an original, pre-industrial approach of the winemaking trade to "expose" authentic and high-quality wine - just as nature produces it when you treat it with respect. The Gassner winery works according to biodynamic principles, which is the most sustainable form of agriculture:

"Living soils are our capital, that's why we make sure that the humus layer grows steadily."

You can achieve this with natural compost and biodynamic preparations made from herbs, horn manure and horn pebbles and by creating biodiversity in the vineyards. The goal is robust, deep-rooted vines that bring the terrain into the grapes from deep layers of the soil. Robert cultivates his vineyards (3 hectares) carefully - exclusively by hand. Of course, he does without synthetic fertilizers, chemical pesticides and artificial additives in further processing. Only a small amount of sulfur is added for durability reasons.

The wines are fermented only on their own yeasts and are given the time they need to mature in Austrian wooden barrels or clay amphorae.

Wines are created in intensive manual work. Biodynamic, in the cycle of nature. They are like the land on which they grow. 

No more and no less. Pure.


Rust in Burgenland, Lake Neusiedl

Vineyard area:

3 ha

Annual production:

max. 10000 bottles


Rigolboden from Tschernosem / Loess

Grape varieties:

Grüner Veltliner, Blauer Zweigelt


39,00  VAT included

52,00  / l

incl. 19% VAT

plus Shipping