Gernot & Heike Heinrich

The Heinrichs are among the first winegrowers from Austria who were able to play at the top internationally with their red wine. They were also one of the first points of contact for us Natural wine and thus also an important milestone for GrapeTimes.


In 2006 did Heike and Gernot then decided to take a new path. Due to the closeness to nature and the urge to produce authentic wines, the long process begins with the conversion to biodynamic Management. It all started with the acquisition of the vineyards on Leithaberg and the total renunciation of pesticides. The Heinrichs pay particular attention to the correct location of the vines and the interplay of grape varieties, soil composition, moisture, (exposure) solar radiation and altitude. On the 90 ha, the biodiversity (variety of species) of plants and micro-organisms is promoted with the aim of healthy vines through a variety of greenery between the rows. Some locations are even grazed with sheep all year round. 

The wine is stored in the cellar after spontaneous fermentation, untreated on its own yeast, in mostly used wooden barrels (500 ,1,500 to 2,700 L and wooden fermentation stands with mostly 3,000 l; only a few barriques). This natural process is observed and followed, but it is influenced as little as possible. The goal behind this is to press authentic and original wines.

The Heinrich Winery always has its finger on the pulse of the times, with a handful of autochthonous grape varieties with the Blaufränkisch as the spearhead and careful and thoughtful cellar work set the direction, manual work and craft pave the way, time brings the wines to perfection. 


Constant curiosity and exchanges with friends and partners of »Pannobile« and »respekt-BIODYN« open up additional perspectives - all with the aim of getting authentic and individual wines in the bottle. The Heinrich winery is still one of the best with a highly diverse range that never loses the common thread of origin 


Name: Weingut Heinrich GmbH - Gernot and Heike Heinrich
Founding year: 2000
Address: Baumgarten 60, 7122 Gols, Austria
Area: Neusiedlersee
Growing area: Burgenland
Cultivation area: 90 ha
Owners: Gerot and Heike Heinrich
Wine Maker: Gernot Heinrich + Harald Lehner

Photos: Weingut Heinrich


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