Natural wine

Natural wine: nothing in, nothing out.

"Fermented grape juice: grapes, grapes and more grapes, and the result is wine".

For us means Natural wineAs the name suggests, as natural as possible. In other words, to let the wine go its own way, from viticulture to the finished wine in the bottle. This creates the lively and exciting taste of natural wines, which differs from conventional wines. So get involved and you will be surprised, I promise! :-)

We have defined the following natural wine principles for ourselves:

  1. Biodynamic work in the vineyard 
  2. Spontaneous fermentation without the addition of cultivated yeast
  3. Unadulterated, without the addition of "fining agents" (you wouldn't believe all the things that can be poured into conventional wine - here we write something extra about it)
  4. Unfiltered bottled - only naturally clarified
  5. Minimal sulfuruse up to max.25mg / l

For the term Natural wine, also called RAW Wine, there are no set rules yet. Most winemakers, however, agree that organic viticulture precedes the concept of natural wine. With organic cultivation, the focus is on healthy grapes, which requires extensive care of the vineyard. Which of course is also important for spontaneous fermentation to have intact and healthy cultures on the vineyard and in the grapes. At first it sounds simple and self-explanatory: “Read the grapes and let them ferment”. But if you start to take a closer look at the production steps, it quickly turns out that natural wine in its purest form is almost a miracle. A great balancing act between life in the vineyard, in the cellar and the bottle. 

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