7 Reasons to Be an Unconditional Fan of Natural Wine

7 reasons to be a huge fan of natural wine

Natural wine is not just a style of wine. It is the result of a fundamental decision, even a kind of attitude towards life or mindset. The total commitment to natural wine. Discovering maximum expression of the terroir(region) in which the grapes were grown with minimal to no interference from chemical additives in the vineyard and cellar other than the grapes themselves, love and time.

Although natural wine is sometimes decried as flawed, funky (in a negative sense) and inconsistent, it is the most primitive way of making wine and produces the most exciting wines.
Since the term natural wine is not really regulated, there are a few outliers. A few grossly flawed wines, or others just using the term as marketing.

But that's where we come in, our GrapeTimes philosophy pushes us to taste every wine and make sure only the best clean natural wines make it to the online shop. You will not find charlatans and faulty natural wines in our online shop. So we only present you the best we can find. 

If you still need to be convinced, we will explain why we are so enthusiastic about natural wine, decide for yourself.

1. Support small producers

It is clear that small producers can and want to adopt sustainable practices and focus on the quality of their produce rather than quantity. As a result, these products are almost always fresher and of higher quality than mass-produced industrial wines. If you become a fan of natural wine, you can support these producers and help promote the industry.

The combination of sustainable practices and quality ingredients makes natural wines better than traditional wines. Natural wines are usually preferred by sommeliers, who taste thousands of wines and simply notice the subtleties, energy, flavors and excitement that only a natural wine can offer. We really know a lot of sommeliers worldwide and almost all of them are tired of boring, always the same industrial wines that are made with pure yeasts. This broad interest in natural wine from sommeliers worldwide helped give natural wines a name and further promote the industry.

2. Quality of winemaking

The production of a wine in an artisanal way, where most of the work is done in the vineyard with great attention to detail and following organic or biodynamic processes. This means much more hard manual work and care than in conventional wine production. In addition, yields are reduced in order to obtain a higher concentration of grapes and therefore a higher quality but smaller quantity of wine.

In the wine cellar, too, the vintner has to show more skill. This starts with using only the best grape material to ensure no flaws make their way into the wine. This is followed by spontaneous fermentation (we'll be writing a separate blog post about that soon), which gives you a more lively wine that reflects the terroir. Also, in conventional winemaking, you can use chemicals, selected yeasts, filtration and sulphites, or a combination of all of these, to eliminate the wine “beautiful” and chemical mistakes that were made previously. This is not possible with natural wine or natural wine production, so you have to be precise from the start so that nature can unfold its full effect and beauty.

3. Exciting aromas

Unlike traditional winemaking, which uses a variety of additives, natural winemaking preserves the unique characteristics of the grape variety, resulting in a unique wine. Natural wines are often described as having intense, complex, and captivating flavors and textures that draw you in with every sip. 

When it comes to natural wines, no two vintages taste exactly the same; so they offer you an adventure into a new world every time you open a bottle! 

ProTip: Try a natural wine, especially drinking orange wines for several days, the living yeasts in the wine and the contact with oxygen mean that the wine is constantly evolving, which can be super exciting. Many wines are at their peak after 24-36 hours. We know it's not easy because the wine is so delicious, but give it a try.  

4. More transparent production

Natural winegrowers produce wines that reflect the terroir with and with a great deal of passion. Their decisions to make natural wine are based on respect for the environment and appreciation of the soil.

This philosophy allows them to create high quality wines with unique flavors and aromas. Natural wine vintners are more generous when it comes to passing on and sharing information about their methods and philosophies with others. 

This transparency in the production of natural wines makes it easier for you to understand exactly what is in each bottle you buy. This in turn leads to an appreciation for the craftsmanship of the winemakers. Natural wines can be the perfect choice if you are looking for an authentic, honest way to enjoy wine without compromise and to discover new worlds of taste along the way.

5. Feel better

Natural wines are without preservatives and contain fewer sulphites. In our experience ;) natural wines reduce the risk of headaches and hangovers precisely because they do not contain sulphites and additives. But it's best to try this out for yourself. 

They usually contain a lower alcohol content than conventional wines. So natural wines are a good choice if you want to have fun without getting too drunk or if you want to taste several different wines in one evening.

Plus, it's better for the environment and your carbon footprint, which brings us to...

6. Sustainability and Biodiversity

Wine is one of the world's largest monocultures and therefore all our winemakers work to create and maintain the greatest possible biodiversity in the vineyards. Therefore, life in the soil and biodiversity above is enhanced. This is accomplished in a number of ways: working with organic or biodynamic practices, eliminating any pesticides, planting special plants that are good for insects and bees alike, planting trees between the vines, and creating ponds to allow frogs and insects to unite have habitat.

7. The vintages are back!

With natural and biodynamic wines, you can finally clearly distinguish different vintages from each other again! No two vintages are the same, and conventional winemaking always wants to give you the same-tasting, boring wine. But the vintages change with the weather (drought, rain, temperature, storms, etc.) and with it the taste of the wine in each individual vineyard of the winemaker. Much of it happens through spontaneous fermentation with natural yeasts instead of the chemically selected yeasts used in industrial winemaking that give you the same boring flavors over and over again.


Natural wine is a still small but fast-growing area of the wine industry that offers several advantages. It offers unique and exciting flavors and helps support local sustainable winemakers. With all these reasons to love natural wine, it's no wonder so many become unconditional fans!
If you want to buy natural wine online, we at GrapeTimes are here for you! Our selection is curated to give you easy access to the finest natural wines. Get your natural wine now in our shop! We have added a section with pure natural wines to our online shop.


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