7 Incredible Places You Can Enjoy Natural Wine in Munich

Natural wines have been creating a buzz in the world of wine enthusiasts. These wines are made with minimal intervention, using organic or biodynamic practices, and without adding any chemicals or artificial ingredients. If you're a wine lover visiting Munich, you might be wondering where to find these delicious and unique wines. Fret not, as we have compiled a list of seven amazing places where you can enjoy natural wines in Munich. So, let's raise a glass to these exceptional spots!

1. Bar Mural

Located in Maxvorstadt, Bar Mural is a fashionable wine bar known for its superb collection of natural wines. The inviting ambience, featuring exposed brick walls and soft lighting, creates an ideal environment for a laid-back night. And the well-informed staff is always eager to assist in selecting the ideal wine for your preference. Besides the remarkable wine menu, Bar Mural also provides a variety of tasty small dishes, like cheese and charcuterie boards, to enhance your wine experience.

2. GrapeTimes

GrapeTimes is a wine shop that specializes in natural wines. It boasts a rotating selection of natural wines, with bottles sourced from all corners of the world. 

GrapeTimes also offers private tastings and personal wine pickups. The staff are passionate about natural wines and are more than happy to share their knowledge with patrons. Whether you're a seasoned natural wine enthusiast or a curious beginner, their expert guidance can help you discover new favorites.

3. Blue dragonfly

Blaue Libelle is a charming wine bar and bistro that serves a great selection of natural wines. The wine list at Blaue Libelle is meticulously curated and features wines from small producers who follow organic and biodynamic practices. Here, you can enjoy wines from different regions of the world, including France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. The selection varies from light and fruity whites to full-bodied reds and delightful rosés. 

4. Fresh paradise

Frischeparadies is a gourmet supermarket for food and wine. This store provides a very small range of natural wines sourced from large-scale producers. Its OK for every day wine needs, especially if you need to buy high end groceries as well. But you won't have the choice and expertise you find in a real wine shop. 

5. HausImTal BAR

HausImTal is another fantastic place in Munich to enjoy natural wine. The wine bar is a part of the stylish boutique hotel, Haus im Tal, but is open to all wine enthusiasts, not just hotel guests.

The wine selection at HausImTal is extensive, featuring natural wines from all over the world. They have a particular focus on German and Austrian wines, making it a great place to explore local wines.

6. Walter & Benjamin

Located in Gärtnerplatz Area close to our wine cellar, Walter & Benjamin is a wine shop that specializes in natural wines. With many different wines on offer, you are sure to find something to suit your palate. The knowledgeable staff can be moody at times but have great knowledge to help you navigate their wines. 

7. GürMet Wine & Meze

GürMet is a fashionable bar and restaurant providing a remarkable variety of natural wines. With a wide-ranging wine menu, you can undoubtedly discover the ideal bottle to match your preferences. In addition, GürMet serves an array of Turkish meals to complement your selected wine, making it a perfect spot for an unforgettable wine and dine experience.

Munich is not only famous for its beer gardens but also offers a fantastic range of wine bars and shops where you can enjoy natural wines. Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply curious to try something new, these seven spots offer a variety of natural wines in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. So, grab a friend, and head out to explore Munich's natural wine scene!

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