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Cantina Martinelli / Francesco Martinelli

Cantina Martinelli is the project of Francesco Martinelli, a natural wine producer from Verona and Soave. An incredibly likeable person and you can tell that in his wines. Just to enjoy.

Francesco's vision of natural wine fully aligns with ours: to produce natural wines with minimal intervention, yet clean, flawless and a perfect reflection of the terroir. And who make it possible to experience the character of the winemaker behind the wine while drinking it.

An Introduction to Natural Wine: What It Is and How to Find it

Natural wine is made from grapes without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. The fermentation process is also different from that of conventional wine. The grapes in natural wine are fermented with naturally occurring yeasts rather than commercially produced ones. This results in a more complex wine with a distinct flavour.

7 Reasons to Be an Unconditional Fan of Natural Wine

natural wine

Natural wine is a fast-growing sector of the wine industry that comes with several benefits. It offers unique and exciting flavors and helps support local communities. It can be enjoyed in its purest form or blended for a new experience in every sip. With all these reasons to love natural wine, it's no wonder why so many are becoming unconditional fans!

Castrum Morici

It's unbelievably beautiful what great wines the Castrum Morisci family conjures up in the bottle. We are big fans. The organic winery Castrum Morisci with its 7 hectares is located near the coast in Moresco (Marche), in the south of Ancona.
Striving to protect the biological fertility of the soil, biodiversity and the balance of the ecosystem in the vineyard. Together the family produces excellent, independent, exciting and high-quality wines that you absolutely have to try.

Brutes cider

At the gates of Stockholm, on the islands of Lake Mälaren, the apples and pears are hand-picked in old orchards that have largely been forgotten, but fortunately have not been abandoned. The fruits are crushed and then macerated for different lengths of time before being pressed. The maceration gives the cider a similar structure and body to the wine, especially the “orange wines”.

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Gassner winery

To expose what has always been there - to make the invisible visible - is the drive of Marianne and Robert Gassner.

Out of this philosophy, wines are created that are deeply influenced by the nature on which they grow. They carry the past and at the same time the future.

They are created in intensive manual work. Biodynamic, in the cycle of nature.

They are like the land on which they grow.

No more and no less.



We already know Kai Schätzel when he just started to stir up the sleepy Nierstein. A sylvaner from real roots from Hipping! That was an announcement. But his Riesling were also convincing from the start. Always something different and surprising, but never intended. It was accepted into the VDP in almost record time and easily joined the phalanx of the big names on the Rhine front, perhaps even showing the established goods a little bit of the way where the wines from the Rote Hang can go. Experimental, uncompromising, quality fanatical. That has brought Kai to where he is now: "Schätzel is one of the most exciting and interesting new developments in German wine culture", which almost sounds like an accolade, writes Stefan Reinhard for the Wine Advocat.

Staffelter Hof

Staffelter Hof is one of the oldest still existing companies in the world!
Hard work is an integral part of the winery's founding legend. Centuries ago the steep slopes of Kröv were farmed with the help of a donkey until a wolf killed it. Legend has it that the monks caught the wolf on it and let it do the work in the vineyard instead of the donkey. The wolf “Magnus” is still the idol of the wine cellar and can be found on the labels. And also appears on the label in the wines Little red riding Wolf and Little Bastard.

Sextant - Julien Altaber

Julien Altaber grew up on a farm in southern Burgundy. He knew early on that wine was his great passion. Each of his wines is made without the addition of oenological products (including sulphites) and with minimal intervention. He produces wines from the best appellations on the Côte de Beaune. His goal is not to produce a “Grand Vin” but a “True Wine”: honest, with maximum drinkability.

Domaine Achillée

In Alsace there is currently a lively dynamic - thanks to young winemakers who are keen to experiment and experienced natural wine craftsmen in one place.
One of the wineries where the younger generation is causing a stir is Achillée in the Riesling Bastion Scherwiller. The two sons Jean and Pierre Dietrich took over the winery from their father Yves in 2016, and they have been working biodynamically since 2003. With a lot of sensitivity, the guys now move a few steps further in the direction of natural wine, but always on the clean and not on the rough, wild side.

Bianka & Daniel Schmitt

Winery Schmitt Daniel and Bianka Schmitt

Bianka and Daniel Schmitt are two talented young winemakers who produce biodynamic wine “only from grapes” in Rheinhessen. The wines are pure and fresh, full of personality and life. They belong to the new generation of younger, more innovative winemakers who are reducing yields and refining the largely undervalued terroir of this region. Bianka and Daniel are the epitome of this new wave of German winemakers who are working hard to produce wines of the highest quality with as little intervention as possible.