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Staffelter Hof

Staffelter Hof is one of the oldest still existing companies in the world!
Hard work is an integral part of the winery's founding legend. Centuries ago the steep slopes of Kröv were farmed with the help of a donkey until a wolf killed it. Legend has it that the monks caught the wolf on it and let it do the work in the vineyard instead of the donkey. The wolf “Magnus” is still the idol of the wine cellar and can be found on the labels. And also appears on the label in the wines Little red riding Wolf and Little Bastard.

Christoph Hoch

Supported by his family, Christoph Hoch has been going his own way since 2013 to uncompromisingly express the character and uniqueness of his origins in Hollenburg im Kremstal in his wines. Among other things, he uses the most traditional methods of viticulture and winemaking handed down from his ancestors. The step to biodynamic working methods and certification according to DEMETER guidelines was a logical part of his path.

Aldinger winery

The two Aldingers, the brothers Matthias and Hansjörg, benefit from the experience of their father and their grandfather, who unfortunately has already passed away. As exaggerated and trodden as the saying may be, here tradition is actually combined with modernity.

The Trollinger »Sine« is one of those representatives for a completely new approach in Württemberg. Matthias Aldinger takes an old-fashioned and simple grape variety and reinterprets it by first reducing the yield and then expanding it according to the French model.

Thorsten Melsheimer

Thorsten Melsheimer can do it simply: PétNat, Orange, Vin Naturel, Sekt. We would not be surprised if this Reiler business soon turned into a red sensation. Very clean and sophisticated, that's how you can roughly outline the style of all wines from this house. He has been producing Pét Nat since 2014, making it one of the pioneers in Germany.