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Cantina Martinelli / Francesco Martinelli

Cantina Martinelli is the project of Francesco Martinelli, a natural wine producer from Verona and Soave. An incredibly likeable person and you can tell that in his wines. Just to enjoy.

Francesco's vision of natural wine fully aligns with ours: to produce natural wines with minimal intervention, yet clean, flawless and a perfect reflection of the terroir. And who make it possible to experience the character of the winemaker behind the wine while drinking it.

Castrum Morici

It's unbelievably beautiful what great wines the Castrum Morisci family conjures up in the bottle. We are big fans. The organic winery Castrum Morisci with its 7 hectares is located near the coast in Moresco (Marche), in the south of Ancona.
Striving to protect the biological fertility of the soil, biodiversity and the balance of the ecosystem in the vineyard. Together the family produces excellent, independent, exciting and high-quality wines that you absolutely have to try.

Alessandro Viola

Alessandro Viola

It is better to visit Alessandro Viola personally to find out more about him, the winery and his wines. He cares very little about wine expertise, online marketing, advertising in general. He prefers to work in his 20 hectares of vineyards or in the cellar.
If the result is such impressively elegant wines from the hot region of Sicily, then we should be right.