We ship in the following packaging sizes:


1/3/6/9/12 & 18 bottle cartons

Pack your box full and support us in sustainable shipping.


we ship again in


Germany 6,90€ free from 95 €
FR, AT, BENELUX, DEN, CZ 12,90€ free from 130 €
IT, SLO, SK, POL, CRO, AN 15,90€ free from 170 €
BUL, EST, LIT, LAT, ROM, HR 17,90€ free from 190 €
PO, IRE, GR, ESP 18,90€ free from 200 €
UK, SWI, NOR, SM, GIB, SWE 35-60€
by weight
excluding customs
free from 360 €

Shipping outside the EU

For shipping outside the EU, you have to expect import fees and customs duties, depending on the legal regulations in your country (Switzerland, Sweden, Finland). These differ from country to country and proper customs clearance is the responsibility of the customer. We are currently working on a solution for the UK / GB.

For shipping outside the EU, just send us an email. 

If you live in a country where your government requires additional taxes or duty to be paid for receiving alcohol (such as Finland or Sweden, as examples), you the customer are responsible for deciding to declare this. By purchasing wines from GrapeTimes, you accept full responsibility to declare & pay additional taxes for your wines and accept we will not incur any such charges, should they arise.
For the UK / GB import duties we are currently working on a good solution. 

For shipping outside of Europe jsut drop us an Email and we work on a souloution!